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This is the one and only true Runescape Autominer website, where you can download free version of a Runescape Autominer which normally costs around $50.

Our team has worked hard for the last six months to get this released and now finally it is here!

Some features are totally new and no-one has never seen those and we have also made some radical updates with our "anti-ban" part. I would say that our autominer is the safest in the world at the moment, because our bot mimics human errors and human behaivour, which is really hard to catch.

The problem that runescape autominers usually have is that they tend to be very strict, because PC bots are very strict, they follow their code and they can not think outside of the box, but our bot has made like a real person would think and act, leaving room for some errors that humans cause.


  • Very Advanced Anti-Bot System 
  • Automatic Money Delivery to Bank 
  • Interactive trades with others - you only set the limit and some answers, bot will create more 
  • Automatic on and off login, to mimic real human behaivour 
  • New mining system, it wont mine 5h straight, it automatically chooses whether to mine, then fish a bit, hunt, fight etc. 
  • It outputs a log file for you to read, what happened in the chats and etc 

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As you can see, our Runescape Autominer trully is something special. The reason why we are offering it for free at the moment is that we want information and ideas from you - how does it work, what to update and etc.


Download Runescape Autominer

We also own a big thanks to Runescape and Jagex

Feel free to contact us!
RuneAuto Team

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